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Bundle: Philly Style!

We live in New York City now, but we were born in Pennsylvania and will always be coal region gals at heart. We didn't grow up in Philadelphia, but our dad spent some of his childhood there and we are frequent visitors. At Bundle, we love making personalized games for families, friends, companies, and fandoms. We decided that for our first game devoted to a city would be Philadelphia to pay homage to our Pennsylvania roots.

Philadelphia is so rich in history and is such a fun city! There are so many things to include in the game. You can get an Act It Out card for "Rocky" where you can do your best Sylvester Stallone impression. You might also get a Challenge card with the task of telling the group the best place in Philly to get a cheesesteak, which can be quite a controversial topic. You'll also be asked to Name 4 movies that were filmed in or are about Philly. (And yes, it's totally ok if you say the movie Philadelphia.)

What city should we make a game for next? We would love to hear about your hometowns and why it would be fun to make a game all about them! To make sure we can create a comprehensive game, we will have to sample the favorite foods from your region. Anything in the name of research. ;)


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