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Family Reunions Bundle Style

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Family reunions board games Bundle game
The family that Bundles together stays together

Last year was the year of virtual hugs, zoom parties, and staying home to protect our communities. This year we are able to see a lot of the people we love in person again and we are so grateful. As we gather together again, there is so much excitement surrounding the social gatherings we are having, but there is also sometimes a bit of awkwardness or hesitancy to be around groups of people again, even if we know them really well. When things get awkward on zoom, you can just blame it on a bad internet connection and dip

out of the party. But in person we don't have that luxury. Well, have no fear, Bundle is here!

Big Family Best Games for Families Best board games Bundle

If you're having a family reunion this year, we can make you an highly personalized board game to play with your family. How does this work? (Besides a healthy amount of social media research if you give us your handles!) You fill out our Bundle Blueprint where we ask you all about your family's memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Then we take all of your favorite family stories and write 83 cards that are customized to the best family around - yours. ;) We even include pictures so it's like a mini-scrapbook.

Family reunion games The Bundle Game

We love getting to know your families and hearing your stories! If you think you might want a game for your family reunion but aren't sure exactly how it works, you can watch our commercial here. Or if you are curious how we would make a game for your family, e-mail us at or send us a DM @thebundlegame and we will create a card for you. We look forward to helping you celebrate life, one Bundle at a time!


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