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Bundle’s Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Package with a note that says "made in Santa's Workshop"
Photo by Samuel Holt on Unsplash

We have been in Christmas mode for months, so this gift guide feels long overdue, but we are aware that it’s not even Black Friday (or Cyber Monday, or Giving Tuesday). We are playing Santa and have come up with a list of some of our favorite items to make your holiday brighter and your gift giving easier.

It’s Hallmark’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Okay, this should come as no surprise. We are big Hallmark Channel fans and created the Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas game to celebrate, but there are so many fun Hallmark products this season. Here are just a few that we tested and we can vouch for:

Hallmark Channel Cozy Hat

This hat is adorable, warm, and you can basically leave it on all day so you don’t have to regularly wash your hair. #lifehack Also, the label is too cute and reads, “Warm and cozy like a Hallmark Movie”

Price: $29.99

Click here to shop!

Hallmark Channel gray hat
Hallmark Channel hat - so cozy!

Hallmark Channel Cozy Socks

Your feet are in for a treat! These are the height of coziness. You will never want to take them off. Ultimate hygge. (Just learned how to pronounce that word and really trying to use it as much as possible

Price: $14.99

Click here to shop!

Hallmark Channel socks in green and red
Hallmark Channel socks - the epitome of hygge!

Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition

While wearing your cozy socks and hat, the ultimate activity is to play our Countdown to Christmas Bundle while wearing your cozy socks and hat and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Add some hot cocoa and cookies for a perfect night.

Price: $35.00

Click here to shop!

Board game about the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies
Our very own Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas board game! Get it get it.

Expand Your Mind and Heart


In MasterClass, you can learn from people working at the height of their professions by logging onto the website and watching their master classes. The one we are particularly obsessed with at the moment is Sara Blakely’s “Self Made Entrepreneurship” (that should come as a surprise to no one that it’s our favorite class) but there are dozens of instructors to choose from in a variety of fields.

Price: $180 per year

Click here to shop!

Adoption Ever After

Our mom is basically Snow White and has always had animals following her around everywhere. She is currently a mom to three rescue cats (they’re so cute!) and instilled in us a love of animals and taking care of the creatures that are in the most need. This holiday season, you can make a donation in a loved one’s name to a local shelter or rescue, or you can go to Hallmark Channel and donate to Adoption Ever After. Adoption Ever After is Hallmark Channel’s signature pro-social initiative dedicated to emptying pet shelters forever.

PriceLESS :)

Click here to donate!

All About the Personalization (Sing that sub-heading to the tune of “Talking about my Generation)


Storyworth is such a special gift. We got it for our Dad for Father’s Day and it was one of the coolest gifts we have ever gotten him. (If we do say so ourselves.) You know that here at Bundle we are all about connecting with the people you love. With Storyworth, you gift a loved one a year of writing prompts where they can share stories from their lives. Each week their stories are e-mailed to you and at the end of the year they are gathered into a beautiful, hardcover book. This is such an awesome gift, it gave us a great excuse to learn things about our dad that we never would have thought to ask about, and to relive our favorite memories.

Price: $99

Click here to shop!

Or if you want to try writing your own story, check out this helpful guide at When You Write.

A book about a family's stories
Storyworth - the ultimate sentimental gift!


Spur is a concierge service for transforming the jewelry you never wear into pieces you’ll enjoy every day. This is such an incredible service, you have to check out the before and after photos on their Instagram @spurjewelry. Simone and Sophie started the company as a continuation of both of their interests in historical jewelry, sustainability, and meaningful connections between generations.

Price: Varies

Click here to shop!

Personalized Bundle

As always, we are making personalized games for families, friends, couples, and any other group of people you can think of! Bundle loves bringing people together and if you’re looking for activities this holiday season to make you laugh and get the conversation flowing, we have got you covered. Just fill out your Bundle Blueprint and we will make a ultra customized game for you and your loved ones.

Price: $125

Click here to shop!

Board game that is personalized to customer
Our personalized Bundle!

We hope you enjoyed our mini holiday gift guide! What’s on your list for this year? We want to know! (We may have been in Christmas mode since July but we haven’t started our shopping yet…) So send us your ideas and let us get started on making your holiday Bundles!


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