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Bunker Bundle

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Because what else are we gonna do?

Nothing Can Stop Game Night

You know that game night always has been (and will forever be) one of our favorite activities. After a week of staying at home, we decided to create Bunker Bundle - a game that brings us together even when we have to be physically apart. Game night is stronger than any global pandemic (can we have our world leaders and medical experts work that into some of their speeches?) so last night we hosted our first Virtual Game Night and it was every bit as hilarious and heartfelt as we hoped it would be. And instead of having to take a long subway ride to get to our party destination, we just walked from our bedrooms to our living rooms.

Virtual Reality

We decided that for our first Virtual Game night we would gather a group of 8 New Yorkers. Since New York has been dubbed the “epicenter of the crisis” we thought there’s no better place to start than close to home. Cassie, Mark, and Mike zoomed in (zoomed is a verb now right?) from the Upper East Side, Jackie and Alex from across the park on the Upper West Side, Angela and Kyle from Park Slope in Brooklyn, and Chris from Astoria, Queens. Some of us had met in person, but quite a few people were “meeting” for the first time. We all work in different fields and have a wide variety of interests but we all shared one thing in common: we have been socially isolating for the past two weeks.

We sent each player a deck of questions prior to the start of game night. Usually we roll to see who goes first, or the person who is being celebrated (The bachelorette! The Birthday boy!) will kick things off. We decided for Bunker Bundle it was only fitting to have the person who had most recently left their home begin the game. Angela and Kyle went for a walk a few hours before the game began but Kyle had the apartment keys, so Angela was the last person in the door (woo hoo!) so she went first. For the next hour we Bundled like we had never Bundled before. Mike named 4 things he missed about his normal routine (he actually misses riding the subway - MTA do you feel the love?), people suggested binge worthy Netflix shows (apparently we need to start watching Tiger King immediately) and Chris created the perfect quarantine cocktail - a Manhattan with a splash of Corona Light poured into it because “a little bit of Corona can ruin a perfectly good Manhattan.” We laughed, we talked, and we shared stories. Oh, and we got nicknames. Per the suggestion of one of the Challenge cards, everyone was given a new nickname while playing Bunker Bundle. Formula 1, Puzzles McGee, Carrie Bradshaw, Jeff Probst, John Mulaney, Tiger King, Michael Scott, and Blondie Bear - we are so happy that you were the quarantine crew that was assembled for our first virtual play party!

8 friends playing a board game online!
Zoom Zoom Zoom with the Bunker Bundle crew

All in This Together

Right now it’s important for us to come together in all the ways we can and to remember what it feels like to be connected to other human beings. The Bunker Bundle virtual play party proved to us that we don’t need to physically be in the same room to love game night as much as we always do. So we are ready to party! We will be hosting more virtual game nights, so:

  • If you are interested in joining our next play party, email

  • If you’re interested in hosting your own play party, email and we would be happy to send you a Bunker Bundle packet in exchange for a bunch of photos of your quarantine crew living it up while staying inside.

  • If you want to buy a physical version of Bunker Bundle, click here. The game is $35 and $5 from the sale of each game will go to Food Bank For New York City.

Thank you for being a part of our community; we are all in this together. Cue *All In This Together* from High School Musical. Does this mean we need to watch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? Between Disney Plus and Bunker Bundle, we will make it through this.


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