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Celebrate Dad Jokes This Father's Day

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Family playing Bundle
Bundle...the latest Frederick Family Adventure

Beyond the Bundle Blueprint

Here at Bundle, we create custom board games for families. We are so lucky to be able to learn about our Bundlers through the stories that they share on their Bundle Blueprints. By the time we have finished making your Bundle, we feel like we know you. (In a fun, totally non-creepy way.) Last year, we were really lucky to take that a step further. We got to make our first official commercial with the Frederick Family. But what was even more special was that we didn't do it in a studio - the Frederick Family invited us into their home to film. The stories that we had read about their family came to life in a whole new way. The Fredericks shared many new stories with us - and we shared stories with them. We discovered a shared love of Thai food, adventure, and family time. We also realized how much funnier Nixon's dad jokes are when we could hear him saying them in person!

Family about to hear a dad joke
When You're About To Tell a Dad Joke...

The Perfect Father's Day Gift

What could be a better Father's Day gift than a game that is all about your dad? (Okay, maybe you're thinking tickets to a baseball game but board games are a little safer right now.) You might think that you know all of his stories, but he just might surprise you. While they were Bundling, Nixon shared things with his family that he had never shared before, and the Fredericks got to relive some of their favorite memories. But don't take our word for it - click on the video below to get to know the Fredericks a little bit better.

Order Your Bundle TODAY!

Yes, that's right. TODAY! To make sure your Dad gets his game in time for Father's Day, we need your order by June 6th. Click here to get dad the BEST GIFT EVER. (Yes, we are that confident.) Since many people are still unable to see their loved ones in person, we are happy also send you a virtual version of the game free of charge, so that near or far, you can get your Bundle on. Dad jokes included. ;)


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