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Celebrate the 90s with Bundle!

Bundle board game with bag and a close up of a card that reads, "Sing the chorus to your favorite boy band song'" Other texts says "Bundle: 90s Edition - The board game that makes us all 90s kids at heart.
Celebrate the 90s with Us!

We are total 90s kids and love celebrating the iconic decade where we came of age. The fashions, the music, the tv shows --- it is so much fun to reminisce about all of the memories we have from the 90s. We had a blast creating Bundle: 90s Edition.

Young woman wearing a jean hat with bright yellow flower on the front. She is wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt and making a peace sign. She is also wearing a slap bracelet and s scrunchie.
Blossom Vibes

Blossom was one of our favorite 90s icons. How could you not fall in love with her incredible array of hats? Not only did we appreciate Blossom in the 90s, but we have decided to bring back some of her most spunky looks. You just feel a little bit happier wearing a hat with a big yellow flower on the front. Blossom also wore baby doll dresses and vests that became wildly popular in the 90s. We celebrated the Christmas season at Christmas Con with Celebrity Game Night, and we are going to be joining out friends at That's 4 Entertainment for their upcoming event, 90s Con. There will be lots of celebrity guests, games, and a Cosplay Contest where we can proudly trot out our Blossom gear.

Photo of a young woman with long brown hair holding up a package of Dunkaroos in one hand and a deck of cards in the other. The deck of cards says "Pick Your Destiny"
Dunkaroos are more delicious than you remember

If you want to organize the ultimate 90s board game night, grab yourself some Dunkaroos (they are just as good as you remember), orange soda, and make your 90s playlist filled with all of your favorites - ours will heavily feature the Spice Girls. If you order your Bunde: 90s Edition, we will send you a slap bracelet. You can rock your bracelet while playing your new favorite 90s themed game.

If you were going to do a 90s Cosplay Contest, who would you go dressed as? If you happen to be attending 90s Con, we would love to see your costumes in person and dance to our favorite 90s jams while eating our favorite 90s snacks. Plus, 90s Con is making every 90s kids dream come true by providing us with the opportunity to get slimed. SIGN US UP NOW PLEASE!


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