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Get Nostalgic with Us

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Two little girls in matching school uniforms with bows in their hair. There is a little boy in between them wearing a hat and holding a basketball.
Collier Kids on the First Day of School

At Bundle, we love making custom games for you to celebrate all of life's most important moments. Your best friend gets engaged? Make her a Bachelorette Bundle. You are having a long over-due family reunion? We can craft the perfect Family Game. Want to celebrate your significant other and quiz them on your relationship trivia? We got a Couple Bundle coming your way. But we would also be happy to help you remember some of the things you would rather forget.

Two little girls in front of a kiddie potty. One of them is wearing the potty on her head. No one knows why.
Potty Training but make it Fashion

Yes, that's right - we can make a Bundle that is entirely devoted to the funniest stories, most embarrassing moments, and silliest photos. As you can see from the photo above, we took potty training very seriously in the Collier household. Why wear a fashionable hat when you can wear a kiddie potty on your head? With your personalized Bundle, we can take your photos are stories and make them into a custom came that will have you laughing and taking a trip down memory lane.

Two young girls in a black and white photo, dressed in Victorian outfits, holding umbrellas, and wearing big hats.
Old Time Photo from the Town Fair - it's a Vibe

To get a custom game for yourself or someone you love, click here and fill out your Bundle Blueprint. In 2-3 weeks, we will send you a personalized game with 83 custom cards that are all about you. That super cringe worthy moment in 3rd grade when you humiliated yourself by throwing up strawberry milk all over your crush's desk? Yes, we will put that in your Bundle. The time when you were dancing at your high school formal and realized that your fly was completely down? Sure, we will help you commemorate that. The moments in our lives that feel the most awkward are often the most hilarious to look back on. We love being a part of your stories and thank you for bearing witness to some of our most quirky photos and stories from our past.


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