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Christmas Con 2022!

There is a Christmas green background with words that read "Holiday Game Night with Bundle" . There are photos of three celebrities: Cameron Mathison, Cindy Busby, and Brant Daugherty. In the upper right hand photo is a picture of Bundle co-founders (and sisters) Cassie and Jacks.
We love our celebrity game nights!

You know that we are always up for a good celebrity game night! (Or any game night!) We are very grateful that Christmas Con brought us back for another year of Bundle magic. We were so excited to have superstars Cameron Mathison, Cindy Busby, and Brant Daugherty joining us as our celebrity guests. We played three rounds of Bundle: Holiday Edition and for each of the rounds the celebrities were paired with a fan from the audience! The fans joined the celebrities onstage and were welcomed with hugs and hellos each time, as if they were attending a family reunion. Well, a family reunion if you were swooning over the people in attendance.

Photo of two women hugging a man wearing a Santa hat and a red shirt.
Daimon is our Santa!

Even though the joy of playing with their favorite celebrities would have been enough of a reward for the fans, Ultimate Wireless was there to give out some incredible prizes. Our buddy Daimon, who has joined us at past Christmas Cons, was acting as our Santa for the day. Daimon and his team brought their A-Game. Prizes included a karaoke mic, a ring light, external charger, and numerous other Ultimate Wireless products. The winner of each round was gifted the super prize, but each fan selected received a prize for playing. The competition was very exciting with the celebrities doing Act It Out cards for their own movies and Cindy Busby and the fan she was paired up with, Patrick, getting a challenge card where they were running late for a holiday party and needed to compile items from the audience for the perfect host gift. Cindy took off her heels and sprinted into the audience while Patrick collected numerous items from the front row. Don't worry, all of the items were given back to their original owners once Cindy and Patrick were awarded their well deserved points.

Photo of three women in festive outfits smiling at the camera and standing in front of  a life size Christmas Con globe.
Three sisters! (Well our mom is in the middle but she might as well be our sister!)

We loved having our wonderful mom attend Christmas Con with us this year. She helped us sell Bundle: Holiday Edition at our Bundle Booth, dressed is in festive outfits, and was even one of the fans we selected for game night. Christmas Con is such a special event. We love gathering with fellow fans to celebrate and connect over the movies that we love so much.

We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season and would love to know what you are getting up to! Comment below or feel free to send us a DM on Instagram at @thebundlegame. We will also be sharing fun Christmas Con content over there. And if you would like to order Bundle: Holiday Edition for any of your upcoming celebrations, click here. We wish you a very merry season and hope you have a happy new year!


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