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BrambleFest 2022 with Bundle!

There are six people playing Bundle onstage. One man is pulling up his shirt with a cheeky grin on his face.
Andrew Walker nearly going shirtless for Bundle

You know we are huge fans of Hallmark movies and all things Christmas, and one of our favorite podcasts is the Deck the Hallmark podcast. In fact, Bran and Dan from Deck the Hallmark are upcoming guests on the Bundle Buzz podcast, and we had a blast recording with them. They recently hosted BrambleFest 2022, a weekend filled with live podcast recordings, movie watching, and a game of BrambleFest Bundle that we played on the main stage with some of our favorite Hallmark stars.

There are three women who are standing on stage playing a Christmas game. One woman is holding a picture with Andrew Walker's face on it.
A piillow of Andrew Walker's face makes the perfect Christmas gift

Andrew Walker and Antonio Cayonne, Hallmark stars who have made numerous movies for the network, joined us for the onstage game of BrambleFest Bumble. The fans of Deck the Hallmark, called the Double Deckers, are a passionate, fun, and loyal fanbase. When we decided to do a BrambleFest Bumble, we knew we wanted to be able to include the fans. We chose some of the most enthusiastic supporters because we knew that they would be game for anything. (Pun intended!) When the game started, one of the first questions was a challenge card where the participants were running late to a holiday party and they had one minute to get together the perfect gift for the host. The Bundlers went above and beyond, getting together a variety of items. The most memorable addition to the gift was a pillow with Andrew Walker's face on it. The fact that Andrew was sharing the stage with the women when they put together the gift made it even more hilarious.

There are several people onstage with Christmas themed decorations. One woman is holding a large present while the other is holding a Kate Spade bag,
Kate Spade bag and a Bundle is the perfect combination!

One of the Act It Out cards was "Hot Take" after one of the segments in the Deck the Hallmark podcast. Watching the Bundlers trying to act this out charades style was very humorous. For the Final Bundle, each team had to perform their rendition of a final scene in a Deck the Hallmark Christmas movie. Each team had the audience howling with laughter and if we had it in our power to greenlit both of these movies, we definitely would!

Just to add to the antics of the weekend, we had a few Bundles onstage with us. Andrew Walker and Antonio Cayonne offered (okay, we may have asked) to rub them on their chests so that we could make some quick sales. Our Bundle: Holiday Edition sells for $40 but when a woman saw that her favorite celebs had caressed the game, she offered $200. That's a fan girl after our own hears. (Don't worry, we gave it to her for $40.)

If you like Hallmark movies (or even if you don't, these guys are entertaining regardless) make sure you listen to the Deck the Hallmark podcast. We are launching our own podcast, Bundle Buzz, on August 30th, so make sure to subscribe today!


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