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Christmas Con in California!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

There is a photo of two girls smiling at the camera. One of the women is holding a puppy and the other is holding a cat. There is a Bundle board game and the women are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.
Our Bundle Babies are ready for Christmas Con!

You know your Bundle gals have been celebrating Christmas in July this month. Even though the month is coming to an end, we want to continue the Christmas fun into August. We will be headed to Pasadena, California to have some fun at Christmas Con! It's a little too hot to be rocking ugly sweaters, but we will be sporting Christmas colors.

There are six people on a stage surrounded by Christmas lights and decorations.
Bundle with the Hallmark Stars!

We always have a blast playing Bundle: Holiday Edition with our favorite Hallmark Channel celebrities. There are so many laughs and when we get fans from the audience involved it makes things even more exciting. Christmas Con is taking place August 5th-7th in Pasadena Convention Center and you can get your tickets here. We will be having so much fun in our Bundle Booth, so please find us and say hi, and maybe even play a little game of Bundle with us!

A man in a beanie stands in the center of the stage about to do an Act It Out card. The woman sitting on the stage cheer him on.
The Man, the Myth, the Legend - Tyler Hynes

At our Bundle Booth, we will have some delicious treats and even better company. (I mean, we like to think so?) There will also be a variety of Bundles available for you to take home with you! We will be playing Bundle: Holiday Edition, Bundle: 90s Edition, and Bundle: Rom Com Edition. At Christmas Con in New Jersey, Tyler Hynes took several Bundles and rubbed them across his chest and we sold them immediately. While we can't guarantee that this will happen again, we are going to do our best to make the request of him without sounding too weird, so please wish us luck. We would love for you to come and say hi if you're going to be hanging out in Pasadena the first weekend in August!


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