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Christmas Con Celebrity Game Night with Erin Cahill

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Erin Cahill, How I Met Your Mother, Pink Power Ranger, Hallmark Christmas Movies
Erin - as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside!

We are thrilled to be doing a Holiday themed game night at Christmas Con featuring some of our favorite celebrities. We loved creating Bundle: Holiday Edition for all of our cozy winter game nights and it's going to be so much fun getting to play with some of our favorite celebrities. We are looking forward to the star studded line up of Erin Cahill, Tyler Hynes, and Ashley Williams and we know that this crew is so hilarious and playful that things are about to get really fun and a little rowdy. These stars have a lot of fun holiday adventures coming up so we wanted to devote a blogpost to each of them so you could follow along with the excitement. First up, the lovely and talented Erin Cahill.

Hallmark Movies Now, Hallmark Christmas Movies, Erin Cahill, Christmas Con

Erin Cahill is an accomplished actress with a ton of credits. Some fun and notable ones include the Pink Power Ranger and Ted Mosby's little sister! Erin has been in many Hallmark movies but this one is very special because she also produced it! Every Time a Bell rings also stars Brittany Ishibashi, Ali Liebert, and Wes Brown. The movie premieres on November 18th on Hallmark Movies Now. Hallmark Movies Now is a streaming service that you can check out with a 7 day free subscription, and then if you're into it, it's $6 a month. There's a lot of good content on there but if you feel like you're already subscribed to a lot of services make sure to do a free trial so you can watch what we are sure will be an awesome movie!

holiday spirit, Tyler Hynes, Ashley Williams, Erin Cahill, celebrity game night
We can't wait to see your holiday swag!

If you can join us at Christmas Con, there are still a few tickets available for Friday night - you can get them here. We will also be picking people from the audience who are really showing off their Christmas Spirit to come up on stage and partner with the celebrities. AND there are prizes. That's right, this is going to be an epic night of holiday fun and we would love for you to join us! We have our Christmas sweaters (and some accessories) all picked out and are looking forward to sharing in the reindeer games with you! (Sorry, couldn't help ourselves there.)


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