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Easter Celebrations with Bundle!

Two women with brown hair wearing bunny ears and holding little purple rabbits smile at the camera. They are holding a Bundle game.
Some bunny loves Bundle

At Bundle, you know we will take any chance we have to celebrate. We love getting into the holiday spirit with games, food, and costumes. Easter is quickly approaching on Sunday, April 17th, and we are going to be headed back to our hometown to spend time with our family, eat copious amounts of candy, and of course, play a personalized game of Bundle. And yes, we will be wearing those bunny ears.

If you want us to make you an ultra-custom board game, order your Bundle here. You fill out our Bundle Blueprint and we curate each of the questions specifically for your group! Since we have got you covered in the games department, we have a few other suggestions to make your Easter special.

A device shaped like a large egg with the words Egg Mazing written on the front. The device is sitting on a purple background.
The Egg Mazing is AMAZING

We are huge fans of Shark Tank and one of our favorite Shark Tank products is the Egg Mazing! We met the creators, Curtis McGill and Scott Houdashell, at Toy Fair a few years ago and they are such kind and fun guys! Their invention makes egg decorating so much fun! You place the egg in the Egg Mazing and it rotates it so you can take a marker and decorate it with all sorts of fun designs. Plus, the clean up is much easier than getting dye all over your hands (and everything else!) You can order your Egg Mazing here.

There are several lollipops and bags of lollipops labeled "Tazzy" There are letters spelling "vegan"
Candy that tastes good and makes you feel good

You know we love our sweets, so we were very excited to discover Tazzy Candy! Tazzy Candy makes delicious lollipops that are vegan with no sugar added. Founded by Delia Hughes and Lindsay Simon, the two entrepreneurs are on a mission to disrupt the better-for-you candy space with alternative sweets that are satisfying, long-lasting, and full of vibrant, unconventional flavors. They also partner with METAvivor to support Metastatic Breast Cancer research and awareness. If you want to try some of these tasty lollipops, you can order them here.

We would love to hear what you're getting up to this Easter! In addition to playing Bundle, decorating eggs with your Egg Mazing, and snacking on Tazzy Candy, we hope you get yourself a pair of bunny ears for the ultimate fashion statement.


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