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Eight Nights and Christmas Lights

Happy first night of Hanukkah to our friends that celebrate. We hope that the next week is filled with time spent with loved ones (in person or virtually), connection and reflection. and good food. (When we say good food, we are specifically thinking of latkes...all the latkes...we will always be potato girls at heart.) If you order by tomorrow, December 11th, there is still time for you to get your Virtual Bundle to play on the last night of Hanukkah. We would love to make a personalized board game filled with all of your family's favorite traditions, memories, and inside jokes. It can be wacky, heartfelt, celebratory, reflective - you fill out our Bundle Blueprint and we will create a game that captures your loved ones' personalities.

Okay, experiment with us (just go with it even if it's a little weird) and read this sentence out loud in your fanciest narrator voice. "What is that under the tree/ it's the gift of Bundle/ Oh yes, I see!" Was that fun? Even just a little bit? We will workshop it. Order your Virtual Bundle by December 15th in time to play for Christmas. No matter where in the world you are, stay connected to the people you care about with a night of laughter and celebration. No need to unwrap the present under your tree, just open your e-mail, log onto zoom, and get ready to Bundle all night long.

You can also give the gift of Virtual Bundle. Worried about shipping delays this year? Not sure what to give a friend or co-worker? Really missing being able to hug people? We can help you with two out of three of those things. ;) (Or all three if you count virtual hugs...)

We also have our When Calls the Heart Board Game for all of our Hearties! Traditionally, there is a When Calls the Heart movie on Christmas Day, this this year they were very busy filming season 8, so there won't be a new Christmas movie. Never fear, Bundle is here! We have got the perfect gift for our Hearties to play on Christmas night.

As sisters running a business together, we usually get a lot of face time with each other (and not the virtual kind) - time as a family, time as friends, and time Bundling. (Sometimes all three of these things happen simultaneously.) The past 9 months we have been working separately (the 15 minute walks between our apartments has never felt so far away) and we have been spending time with our family and friends zooming. While we are so grateful to be able to do this, we know that people might be feeling disconnected this year. We hope to be able to connect you and bring some cheer and light. Sending you virtual hugs and all the Bundle love.


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