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Father's Day Gifts from the Whole Crew!

Father's Day Gift Ideas Homemade Bundle Game
Get your Bundle on this Father's Day!

Yes, we know Mother's Day was just last weekend. We hope you got the special women in your life a great gift (a Bundle perhaps?) But if you waited until the last minute and were scrambling to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day and vowed to be more on top of your gift giving for the next holiday - we have got you covered for Father's Day. There's still plenty of time to make your dad a custom board game filled with all of your memories, family trivia, photos - and yes, dad jokes.

Perfect gift from siblings for Dad Father's Day Bundle Game
Does this look familiar to anyone else?

If you have siblings you might be familiar with the pre-holiday group text message drill. Rather than get dad a bunch of smaller items we have found that we like to combine our financial resources and get a bigger gift that our dad will really appreciate. (Even though every year he practically begs us not to get him anything, not even a card.) To make a perfect custom game for your dad, order a game here and feel free to share the Bundle Blueprint with multiple members of your family so you can all share your favorite stories. A big plus about this is that you can each share as much or as little information as you would like - so if you have one sibling that's an overachiever and wants to spend a lot of time sharing memories, we can work with that. Or if there's a sibling that just wants to Venmo their share of the money for the gift and share one or two dad jokes - we can work with that, too.

Best Gifts for Father's Day Bundle Game Unique Gifts
Our dad has the best dad jokes. :)

Since you are so on top of your gift giving this Father's Day (go you!) you can get 10% off when you order your Bundle by entering the code DADJOKE at checkout. In the meantime, we want to know - what has been the weirdest Father's Day Gift you have ever given or received? Feel free to also include this information on your Bundle Blueprint because #memores.


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