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Full House Wedding: Jodie Sweetin Ties the Knot!

There is a photo of a beautiful bride smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers with one hand, and the hand of her groom in the other. The groom is decked out in a sharp looking suit.
It's a Full House for Jodie's wedding day!

Here at Bundle, we are 90s kids and we love to get nostalgic any chance we get. We created Bundle: 90s Edition so that we would get the chance reminisce about the decade where we came of age. It wasn't always a pleasant experience (at times it was painfully awkward) but we like a good trip down memory lane.

There is a Bundle game sitting on a purple table cloth. There are slap bracelets and assorted types of iconic 90s candies sitting on the table.
Calling all 90s Kids!

Jodie Sweetin was one of our favorite stars growing up. We loved watching Full House and pretending that we could be a part of the Tanner Family. We pictured ourselves as the quirky neighbors who lived near Kimmy Gibbler. Jodie as Stephanie Tanner was so funny. We relished going on all of her adventures and became obsessed with saying her catchphrase, "How Rude!" Jodie has been with her boyfriend, Mescal Wasilewski, for 5 years. He has a great relationship with her two daughters, who were bridesmaids for the ceremony. The wedding took place at Jodie and Mescal's Malibu home, in a an intimate backyard ceremony. There were even Full House cast members in attendance including John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure. Jodie was brimming with excitement, saying "I know I have the right partners for whatever the rest of life brings me." Maybe we should start working on a Couple Bundle to send them for their first anniversary?

There are two woman at an outdoor rooftop bar. They are smiling at the camera and holding up Bundle playing cards.
Bundle everywhere!

We would love to celebrate all of your favorite 90s trends, fashions, music, tv shows, and music with you. In Bundle: 90s Edition you would be flexing your 90s trivia muscles, talking about your stand out memories from your childhood, and even doing impressions of your favorite boy bands. (Start doing those vocal warm ups now.) With our 4 categories: Name 4, Challenge, Pick Your Destiny, and Act It Out, you will have a wide range of questions to see just how much of a 90s kids you really are. To order Bundle: 90s Edition, click here. We would love to see photos of you playing Bundle: 90s Edition decked out in your favorite 90s trends. (Hey, neon is coming back!) Best wishes to Jodie on her wedding as we raise a glass in her honor to say, "How rude! Stephanie Tanner, we love you forever!"


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