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Happy National Siblings Day from your Favorite Sister Entrepreneurs!

Okay, so maybe we aren't your favorite sister entrepreneurs, but we are definitely our parents' favorite sister entrepreneurs, so that must count for something right? For National Siblings Day, if you're looking for ways to celebrate your connection - order yourselves a personalized board game. It can be sentimental and sweet but also can be an excellent opportunity to mercilessly tease your little brother about the time he rocked frosted tips in the 7th grade.

To make a personalized board game for your crew, fill out our Bundle Blueprint - we will find out all of your favorite stories and make a game that can activate your competitive spirit, encourage each other to tell stories and chat about the past (in a way that feels organic and not forced), and laugh. You'll laugh a lot.

And yes, you can send photos for us to include in your game - we wouldn't want you to miss out on documenting moments like these pictured here - we rocked matching bows as kids and matching headbands as adults so...not much has changed.

We hope that you have a great time celebrating National Siblings Day - and that you get to remind your siblings about all of their questionable fashion choices for years to come.

We want to know - what is your favorite TV show you watched with your siblings when you were growing up? Comment below!


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