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How to Prep for 90s Con 2023

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Photo of a woman wearing a hot pink jumpsuit. She is wearing a yin yang choker necklace, wearing pink butterfly clips, and holding a Bundle game.
There ain't no party like a 90s party!

We had such a blast at 90s Con in 2022 where we got to hang out with the casts of Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. To have our childhood idols play Bundle: 90s Edition was such a surreal experience and we are grateful to be headed back to 90s Con this year. We have Bundle: 90s Edition that we will be selling at the convention and we have created a very special game that we will be playing live onstage with the celebrities to kick off the weekend. If you find yourself in Hartford we would love to see you at the convention center on Sunday afternoon - we will even be picking fans from the audience to play alongside the celebrities! (And yes, there will be prizes!) We have started preparing for 90s Con and as veterans of the convention we wanted to share some of our tips with you.

Photo of a package of slap bracelets with text that reads "Slap bracelets, 36 designs, 144 pieces"
The ultimate 90s accessory

Make sure you prepare for the weekend by buying copious amounts of slap bracelets. In our case, we wanted to make sure we had enough to share so we ordered 144 to enjoy with our 90s Con buddies. When we were younger we were scared of slap bracelets but we managed to overcome our fear so we can rock the ultimate 90s accessory.

Photo of two women wearing matching jean hats with flowers on the front.
Flower Power!

For these year's 90s Con, we purchased matching baby doll dresses, choker necklaces, and butterfly clips. Our matching flower hats from last year were such a hit that we will be bringing them out for round 2. We are hoping that this year there will be an opportunity to get slimed again, because it was truly a memorable and bucket list moment. If you want to get in on the 90s fun but can't make it to Hartford, we will be sharing our adventures on Instagram @thebundlegame. You can also play the epic game that your favorite 90s celebrities will be playing: Bundle: 90s Edition. It's going to be Da Bomb! (Practicing our slang already!)


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