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"I'll Just Know" - The Power of Following Your Instinct

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

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The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

It's no surpise to anyone who knows us how much we admire Sara Blakely and how she has been an amazing mentor for us. We talk about the magical day in NYC when we met Sara and her hubsand and fellow entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler, in our blog here. Sara started Spanx with $5,000 and a dream to fulfill her greatest passion - to elevate women. People have been asking Sara for years when she would sell Spanx, and she always said, "I'll just know." October 20th was a huge milestone for Spanx when Sara partnered with Blackstone who purchased a majority of the company. Sara will remain a significant shareholder and continue to help Spanx achieve its greatest potential and we are so excited to see what happens in this next part of the journey - we will be following along every step of the way- while wearing our Spanx. ;)

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Cassie chatting with Dave Phelan, host of Why I Quit

Cassie talks a lot about her entrepreneurial journey in the first episode of the new podcast Why I Quit. You can click here to listen to the episode or you can find it in all of your usual podcast places. Cassie had a very successful career working in finance but knew that she wanted to start her own company. While she was at the Kennedy School at Harvard, Cassie was on the look out for the perfect co-founder. Much to her surprise, the perfect co-founder was close to home. Really close to home. In fact, for most of her life, literally inside her home - her sister, Jackie. (Hi, it's me!) This podcast is inspiring because it shows how you can bravely take a passion and turn it into career, while effectively maintaining other streams of income.

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Cassie twinning with Sara Blakely

Something that Cassie and Sara both share (in addition to their courage, creativity, and long blond hair - although Cassie's is a wig) is that they are big fans of writing their ideas in notebooks. In a world where so much of everything we do is digital, these two women know how important it is to physically write their ideas down and see them on paper. It not only helps them with their creative process, but also with organization, and with the magic of manifesting their goals. Well, a little bit of magic, combined with a lot of hard work, resourcefulness, and a wonderful community of people who believe in them and their mission.

At Bundle, we love your stories and want to hear from you! We love your stories so much that it is our dream (and we get to live that dream thanks to you!) to make custom board games all about your lives. We want to know - what is your dream? What inspires you? Comment below or share with us on our social media - we would love to be able to share your answers with our Bundle community. Thank you so much for continuing to be on this journey with us!


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