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Early Holiday Shopping

Early Christmas shopping, holiday games, best board games, small business
Our brand new holiday cards!

Yes, it's time for a little early holiday shopping. Okay, maybe it's a lot a bit early. Sure, it's not even Halloween yet, but Hallmark Christmas movies are going to start at the end of October (and you know we are big fans of those!) so now would be the perfect time to order Bundle: Holiday Edition. We are also so excited to continue the holiday celebrations at Christmas Con in December! Bring on the hot cocoa, games, and all of our favorites from the best Christmas movies from the season.

Christmas gifts, unique holiday gifts, best board games, small business
What would you make?

Even though it is admittedly early to be doing holiday shopping, time has definitely felt like it flew by in all sorts of ways this year and we could all use a little bit of joy as soon as possible. We would love for you to help support our small female run company by ordering Bundle: Holiday Edition today. For anyone who orders a holiday game during the month of September we will be recording and singing a Christmas carol of your choosing. If you decide to opt out of this "perk" we will probably find an excuse to send you one anyway.

Christmas shopping, Hallmark Christmas movies, board games, holoday gift guide

Your Bundle elves (that's us!) will be working hard this holiday season to make you personalized board games and will be having game nights for our Bundle: Holiday Edition. Christmas carol singing at game nights will be optional but we welcome you to join in on the fun.


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