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Ultimate Holiday Game!

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Winter is Coming...

We love the holiday season here at Bundle and we definitely like to start gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year as early as possible. You can read all about our brand new holiday game in our Early Holiday Shopping Blogpost. We are so excited about a game that is entirely holiday themed, but we are even more excited about making personalized games for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Survivor, Board games, personalized gifts, custom games, Christmas shopping
Boston Rob & Amber from Survivor with their kids!

We first started making custom games for our own family and friends because we have loved playing board games since we were little. We became known as the board game sisters and realized that if we loved making games for the people that are closest to us, why not bring that joy to other people? Over the last few years we have made custom games for people all over the world. People we are huge fans of like Cirie Fields from Survivor (yes, we are obsessed with her), our mentors Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler, and partnered with Hallmark Channel. As incredible as that has been, it is the stories of our growing Bundle family that keeps us going - all of you trusting us to tell us your stories, memories, and inside jokes. When you invite us into your world we feel like we are a part of your story, and not only do we love making games with you, we like keeping up with our Bundlers and their adventures. Once you're part of the Bundle family, you're in for life!

best board games, unique gifts, do it yourself games, best holiday gifts
Bundle elves love games and ugly sweaters

To make a personalized game with 83 personalized cards, order your game here and fill out your Bundle Blueprint. We will get to work (but it really feels like play!) and make you a custom game including photos. If you're in need of another stocking stuffer and you know someone who is a super fan of When Calls the Heart, we have a special edition When Calls the Heart board game. With Season 9 premiering in 2022, make your favorite Heartie's Christmas morning by gifting them a game all about their Hope Valley favorites.

We want to hear all about your holiday traditions, so please get in touch by sliding into our DMs on Instagram @thebundlegame (is that that still a thing people say? or is it cheugy?) or commenting below. Cheers to a season that looks a little bit brighter than last year!


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