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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Bundle

Sorry, mini Santa hat and lights are not included

The holiday season is here again (yes it's true) and even though things might be looking a little (or a lot) different than in years past, we are here to help you connect with the people that you love the most. How do we do that? By making personalized board games. But wait, *how* do we do that? You fill out our Bundle Blueprint, we read all of your stories, and create a game that is just for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be better than Cats. (Not sure how meaningful this sentiment is after the movie version but you get the idea.)

We used to stand this close together all the time

We get it. Getting together on zoom can be awkward. (Believe me, we know.) People have gotten zoom fatigue and it can be a little weird to know how to start the conversation and keep it going in the virtual space. If you have your own personalized board game, it gives you some structure to share memories, do activities, laugh, and yes-if you want to- cry! It's also a great group gift. Siblings looking for a gift for your folks? Buy a Bundle, get on that sibling group text, and tell them you've won the holidays and all they have to do is Venmo you. Looking for a fun gift for your best friends when you would normally be out having fun experiences together? Save money by drinking at home and Bundling virtually. Want to do something really sweet for your significant other because you've been a little annoying during this pandemic? Get a little bit of that romance back by Bundling.

He wants you to Bundle

This little guy- he thinks you should Bundle. He has one of our Pick Your Destiny cards all ready for you. Want to know what it says? E-mail us at info@thebundlegame or slide into our DMs (are people still saying that?) on our @thebundlegame Instagram and we will create a Pick Your Destiny card all for you. We promise you it'll be merry and bright - just like this guy's beard.


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