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Kentucky Derby Bundle Style!

Photo of  a group of well dressed and good looking young adults at the Kentucky Derby.
Dressed Up for the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports

The Kentucky Derby is often called The Greatest Two Minutes in sports. Even though the race itself only lasts 120 seconds, there is so much spectacle and fun that goes along with the event. Attendees get dressed up, drink champagne, and place bets on their favorite to win. We grew up in a sports family and loved going to the race track with our dad and placing a few dollars and cheering for our favorite horse to win. We love making customized games for all occasions, so bring on Bundle: Kentucky Derby Edition!

Photo of a jockey and race horse racing at Churchill Downs.
And they're off!

Some cards in Bundle: Kentucky Derby Edition could include a Challenge card that reads, "When was the first Kentucky Derby held?" Answer: May 17th, 1875 at the Louisville Jockey Club. An Act It Out card says, "Triple Crown," a Name 4 card encourages players to "Name 4 horses in this year's Kentucky Derby." We would go with Cyclone Mischief, Rocket Can, Lord Miles, and King Russell. These 4 were picked for their cool names, not for their odds to win, because King Russell has 50 to 1 odds.

Photo of a woman wearing a blue fascinator and holding a Bundle game.
Bundle Kentucky Derby Style!

Even if you can't make it to Churchill Downs in person, you can still have a Kentucky Derby party at home. You can pull out your favorite hat, dress, or suit and invite friends over for a soiree. If you want to order a personalized game for your event, you can click here to make a Bundle game all about your party guests. We will send you a Bundle Blueprint, a series of questions that helps us make a game where each of the 83 questions is customized with your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos.

We are sending best wishes to King Russell on May 6th. Despite the 50 to 1 odds, we have always loved an underdog!


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