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May the Fourth Be with You

Graphic of Darth Vader with the text "May the Fourth Be with you"
Feel The Force

At Bundle we love using our personalized games to explore fandoms. We have made a game for Hallmark Channel fans that celebrates the things we love about Christmas movies and the holiday season. After that, we received so many messages from Hearties, the fans of the Hallmark Channel show When Calls the Heart. The Hearties are a passionate fandom and we were so excited to make Bundle: When Calls the Heart Edition. An epic fanbase is Star Wars fans, and we would love to make a game for them. As May the Fourth approaches. the excitement of Star Wars fans is palpable.

Photo of two young women holding a Bundle board game. The game is covering the lower half of their faces and their eyes are smiling.
Psst.... May the fourth be with you

So, we will confess that we are not huge Star Wars fans by birth. (Although Jackie did have a high school boyfriend loved showing her all of the movies and explaining the plot points to her in graphic detail.) Star Wars fans have yet to agree on a name for the fan group. Possible suggestions that have been bandied about are Star Warriors, Warzians, Wookies, Warzies, and Padawans. Since the fanbase is so diverse, it is difficult to pick a name that will resonate with everyone but nonetheless it is one of the most powerful fandoms in existence.

Photo of two women holding a Bundle game and smiling at each other.
Fans who loves fans!

Star Wars fans: we would love your insight to create a Star Wars game, made by fans for fans. Possible questions could include an Act It Out card for Baby Yoda (you know you want to), a Challenge card that encourages you to do your best impression of Princess Leia, and a Name 4 card where you Name 4 Star Wars characters that you would invite on a road trip. If you want to order a personalized board game for your favorite fandom, click here. May the fourth be with you!


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