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Maintaining Company Culture in a Hybrid World

Updated: May 4, 2022

Photo taken from above of a Bundle game on a gold table. There is a New York magazine next to it, a book, and a mug.
Get Your Bundle On

Since 2020, there have been a lot of advantages to many companies allowing their employees to work from home. There is the wonderful flexibility that comes with being able to live anywhere in the world and work remotely. You can get in a quick at home workout during your lunch break, fold a load of laundry, and are in close proximity to your pets for maximum snuggle time. Plus, there is less pressure to meal prep for an entire week when you can stroll over to your refrigerator and make a game time decision.

For all of the advantages that come with working remotely, something that people have found difficult is maintaining company culture in a hybrid world. With some employees working from home and others in the office, there can often be a disconnect. Don't worry, Bundle is here to help! We can help bridge the gap between employees that are working from home and those who are living that office life.

Bundle game with grey bag and pieces and cards laid out next to it.

We have been hosting virtual game nights for companies, fandoms, organizations, and groups of friends and it has been a blast. When we launched Bundle, we wanted to get people out of the digital world, away from their devices and enjoying personalized board games in person with their families, friends, significant others, and co-workers. When we were all forced inside in March 2020, we realized we needed to pivot to be able to continue connecting with our Bundlers. It has been so much fun navigating this new landscape and being able to connect virtually.

For company game nights, we can facilitate a game that is all about your company's culture, values, inside jokes, and memories. Someone from the company (Chief Fun Officer!) fills out our Bundle Blueprint so we can customize the game with specific details all about the company. We can be the facilitators of fun for your company game night, hosting the event virtually. You can even have a hybrid event where some companies play in the office while others join from home.

If you want any more details on our Team Building games, feel free to reach out at cassie@thebundlegame. We would love to get to know your team and Bundle with you!


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