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Virtual Hangout Ideas

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Sorry, I’m running a little late…

Remember the days of texting a friend and saying things like, “Sorry, I’m running late- subway delay…be about 10 late!” Or “Traffic is HORRIFIC. Complete standstill. Will keep you posted!” We did a virtual hangout with some of our good friends last week and half of us were late (not for the Virtual Play Party - everyone was on time for that - good job, friends!) and had to own up to the actual reasons why we couldn't make it to the computer on time. Some of the gems included: 1.) I was singing Mariah Carey in the shower and things got away from me 2.) I needed to finish the last episode of Tiger King 3.) I haven’t put real pants on in 2 weeks and it was an ordeal. Let us be clear - all of these reasons are perfectly valid.

cat with a laptop
Even pets are doing virtual hang outs...

Looking for Virtual Activities? We’ve got you covered.

We created Virtual Bundles to bring people together while we have to be physically apart. It has been so heartening to see that even in this time when people can’t hang out in person, there is even more of an effort being made to connect and create community. Virtual hangouts are becoming a regular occurrence. People working from home are doing virtual happy hour with their office mates, Netflix Party is the new house party, and people are even going on first dates via Zoom. We are social creatures and we are not going to let anything stop that, gosh darn it! Bundle’s mission is to create community - with people you love, people you’re just getting to know, and even complete strangers. So we have launched virtual versions of all our games.

Two sisters hugging each other
Virtual Party Pack until we can safely do this in person again :)

Get Your Virtual Party Pack On!

We have had so much fun with our Virtual Play Parties (don’t forget to e-mail us at or DM us on Instagram if you want to come). We want you to be able to host your own Bundle virtual hangouts. Looking for a virtual happy hour activity? We got you. Trying to get everyone in your big family to stop talking all at once over zoom? Yep, we’re here for that. Afraid that a virtual hangout is going to be awkward because no one will know how to start conversation? Yeah, we are definitely going to help you with that. Click here to get your Virtual Party Pack. We’re all in this together and until we can physically be in the same space, we are here to help you find fun and connection in our virtual reality. We hope we will all be Bundling together in person soon…although we are already getting used to our commute being the 5 steps from the bedroom to the couch. Don’t worry, regardless of where we are commuting from, we will all be a little late sometimes. (Unless you are one of those people who is always on time and if so we applaud you and please come to our next Virtual Play Party.)


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