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Make your Friendsgiving Memorable!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

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Thanks to whoever created Friendsgiving

We aren't quite sure when Friendsgiving became a *thing* but we sure are glad that it did. We love going back to our hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family, but we are also lucky enough to get a double dose of the Friendsgiving fun. You know how 'Twas The Night Before Christmas is so iconic? Well, someone needs to write 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving when you return to your hometown and see all of your hometown friends. Well, your friends, and the guys who mercilessly made fun of you in high school. (Or maybe that's just relatable to us?)

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We spy the cutest little dog in this photo

High school anxieties aside, we love celebrating Thanksgiving with our hometown friends. It's great to catch up but sometimes we don't know exactly where to start because we definitely keep in touch but there's also an ebb and flow to all these relationships, also combined with the added element of wondering if we are supposed to keep up with something because it was posted to social media. (Ahhh, the millennial dilemma.) This is where a custom board game comes in handy. We make a personalized game all about your group's memories, traditions, and inside jokes that also allows the opportunity for conversation and catching up.

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'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

When we get back to NYC the weekend after Thanksgiving we also love doing a Friendsgiving with our crew here. We will take any opportunity to Bundle and eat copious amounts of food, so we are all about bringing on all the celebrations. To order a game for your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving get togethers, click here. We might even pie each other in the face again if we get enough orders. (If this statement intrigues or confuses you, check out our Instagram @thebundlegame). We hope you have wonderful holiday season of joy, food, and board games!


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