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Make Your Monthsary Special with Bundle


Gen Z has spoken: side parts are out, skinny jeans are no more and the jury is still out on the laughing until you cry emoji. (Can't bear to part with that one; it's so versatile!) But apparently, monthsaries are definitely a thing. Now THAT'S something we can get behind. We always love a reason to celebrate here at Bundle. We are professionals at making personalized board games all about your favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes.

What is a monthsary you ask? It's the celebration of a monthly anniversary. Now if you're stressed out thinking that you're having a difficult time even remembering anniversaries - we have a life hack for you - order your Bundle today, and then play it on your monthsary each month. That way, it can be the gift that keeps on giving. So instead of googling "monthsary gifts for him" or "ideas for monthsary" each month - you can just pull out your personalized board game, pop some prosecco, and get your Bundle on.

Even though Bundle is the perfect solution for your next monthsary gift (and the one after that, and after that...hello expansion packs!) we know you may still be coming to terms with trying to work your hair into that ever-elusive middle part. We can't help you there, but we will be around to make your life a whole lot more fun while you figure out what kinds of jeans are acceptable and what emojis are cool now.

Also...asking for a friend (okay asking for us) comment below with your favorite emoji of the moment.


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