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Mother's Day with Bundle

Updated: May 2, 2023

Photo of a young woman holding a baby and smiling.
Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is fast approaching on Sunday, May 14th. Our mom has always been instrumental in fostering our love of play and creativity. She would always encourage us to use our imaginations and follow our passions. Our mom still makes custom games for us to play with our brother every holiday season, so it's no surprise that we became game makers!

Photo of three women wearing matching dresses and sunglasses and posing in front of a giant guitar.
Matching dresses in Nashville!

One of the first board games that we made before we founded Bundle was Mom-o-poly, a game all about our mom. The looks of the game have changed quite a bit (although the homemade games did have their charm) but the play pattern and the spirit of the game has not changed. We have four categories: Name 4, Pick Your Destiny, Challenge, and Act It Out. We love including photos in our personalized games so that each game also serves as a scrapbook of special memories.

Photo of a family of three smiling and looking at the camera. They are playing a Bundle board game.
Celebrating mom with a custom game all about her!

If you want to order a personalized board game for Mother's Day, click here. You will receive our Bundle Blueprint where you can share your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. We will take what you share and make it into a personalized game for you to play on Mother's Day.

There are as many ways to celebrate Mother's Day as there are moms. The mom in your life might want some downtime to read, get a massage, or just simply sit in silence. (Especially a mom to littles!) Other moms may want breakfast in bed, a day out with the family, or a homecooked dinner. However you decide to celebrate the mom and mother figures in your life, we hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Mother's Day to all, especially our mom who continues to inspire and encourage us every day.


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