Mother's Day 2021- Better Treat Mama Right!

Updated: Apr 6

We got it from our mama! ;)

This is a photo of us with our mom right when we were about to go on a simulated skydive during a cruise. We won't be cruising (or skydiving!) anytime soon, so we have come up with some ways that you can celebrate your mom or the moms in your life in a safe and fun way until we can cruise and sky dive again. ;)

Personalized Board Game Made for Mom By Us

Here at Bundle, we love making personalized board games for special people for special occasions. And after the year we have had, every day can feel like a small victory and a momentous event. Moms always work incredibly hard but in the last year they have had to deal with homeschooling, working from home, and having to parent in ways that we never thought would ever happen. (Who ever thought we would have had to think about the etiquette of "zoom school"?) Now is the perfect time to treat the caregivers in your life to something that really celebrates them. By filling out our Bundle Blueprint and making a personalized board game this Mother's Day we can take time to celebrate all the memories, traditions, and inside jokes that make mom smile. And if you're celebrating virtually, we've got you there, too.

Alice's Table - Flower Arrangements Made Interactive and Fun

As Seen On Shark Tank...That's right...Major Flex!

Sure, flowers might be a traditional (yet lovely!) way to acknowledge Mother's Day. But if you book with Alice's Table, you take flowers to a whole new level. We first fell in love with this company when we saw them on Shark Tank. In the before times. they had in person events (and they will return!) but in the meantime, there are fantastic virtual experiences where you can do your own floral arrangements or put together culinary masterpieces. All the materials are delivered directly to your door and you are virtually connected with an expert host for the experience.

Light Up Mom's Life...Literally...With a Friendship Lamp!

Friendship Lamps are such a wonderful way to stay connected when you have to be apart from each other. You get a lamp for your mom, a lamp for yourself and when you touch it, your lamp lights up the same color. It's such a sweet and simple way to let you mom know you're thinking about her. There are a number of lovely Friendship Lamp reviews of moms and grandmothers receiving the lamps and keeping in touch in that way. There are 17 colors to choose from and they can be connected anywhere in the world!

*Cue Debby Boone singing "You Light Up My Life."

Here at Bundle we love our real life moms, but we want to hear from you. Who is your favorite TV or movie mom? Comment below!

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