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National Optimist Day with Bundle!

A yellow background with white beads and black letting. The lettering spells out the words 'Optimist Day'
Bundle Bright Side!

Thursday, February 2nd is National Optimist Day and here at Bundle we are are fans of looking onthe bright side. When Jackie was in kindergarten her teacher taught the students their letters using inflatable "letter people." At kindergarten graduation, each student was assigned a letter person. Jackie got to give a mini speech about Miss O, the Optimistic Optimist. Since then, the Collier sisters have thought of this as a good reminder to try to see the positive in every situation.

Photo of two young woman standing in front of a periwinkle background. One of the women is wearing a white blazer with multicolored polka dots while the other is wearing a light blue blazer. They are standing back to back with the arms folded and smiling at each other.
Cue "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

To celebrate National Optimist Day, we would suggest playing board games. (Come on, that shouldn't come as a surprise to you!) Playing a custom board game with your favorite traditions, memories, inside jokes, and photos is a great way to lean into joy and optimism. When you order a personalized Bundle game and fill out our Bundle Blueprint, you will get a game with 83 personalized cards. Bundle also makes a great gift that will put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it. Want to turn someone's frown upside down? Get them a Bundle!

Photo of two women standing in front of a periwinkle background. They are holding a Bundle board game and smiling at each other.
Bundle puts a smile on your face!

In life (especially pandemic life) it's not always easy to maintain an optimistic attitude. At Bundle, we know how important it is to feel all the feelings, but also to seek community and connection as much as possible. How are you celebrating National Optimist Day? We hope that you are able to find the fun and channel Miss O, the Optimistic Optimist.


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