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National Wine and Cheese Day with Bundle

Photo of a Bundle game laid out on a white tablecloth with a glass of wine sitting next to it.
Cheers to board games!

National Wine and Cheese Day will be celebrated on July 25th and we would love for you to join in the celebration with Bundle. We aren't big wine drinkers ourselves, but we like to think we make up for that with the massive amounts of cheese that we consume on a weekly basis. If you love getting your friends together for holidays (even the holidays that seem like they might be made up) order a personalized board game to play with your best friends when you are hosting.

Photo of a Bundle board game with two glasses of red wine sitting next to it.
The best wine pairing is a Bundle

Since we are not big booze drinkers, we have looked for delicious non-alcoholic alternatives. Our friend Rachel Hechtman is the creator of Sober in Central Park. Rachel shares her sober journey and helps her community join in on the fun. Rachel has introduced us to some delicious non-alcoholic wines and if you want to try some yourself, you can check out her selection here. There is a delicious sparkling Rose by Joyous and a sparkling wine by Joyous. The light and fun drinks are the perfect summertime selections and if you order through Rachel, you can get yourself a discount. (Which always makes everything taste better.)

Photo of a beautiful summer day with sunshine shining. There is a pool and a gorgeous blue sky. The Bundle is sitting next to a bottle of rose and next to a pair of sunglasses.
Lazy Summer Days with Bundle

You can create a custom game to celebrate almost any occasion. If we were making a personalized game for National Wine and Cheese Day we could include questions like "Name 4 of your favorite types of cheese." We would go with brie, gouda, feta, and the classic yellow American. (Hey, we grew up with yellow American cheese and it makes the best grilled cheese!) A Challenge card could read, "If you were going to name a wine after yourself, what would it be called and why?" An Act It Out card reads, "Blind Tasting."

If you want to order a personalized game for your celebrations this summer, click here. We look forward to hearing about all of your summer adventures!


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