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7 Friends Theory

Photo of 8 women holding a Bundle board game and smiling at the camera.
The friends who play board games together stay together.

At Bundle, we love celebrating the power of friendship. Our friends have been so supportive of Bundle and we have had many game nights filled with laughter, in depth conversation, and copious amounts of snacks. We have been loving seeing the 7 Friends Theory making the rounds on TikTok. Not everything that goes viral is uplifting, but this sweet trend has gotten us reflecting on our own friendships.

Photo of two young women smiling and holding a Bundle game. They are dressed as Dionne and Cher from Clueless.
Real life besties dressed as Dionne and Cher.

According to the theory, everyone should have the following: 1.) A friend they've known since childhood and have been through it all with. 2.) A friend that makes them laugh, even when times get tough. 3.) A friend they may not talk to for awhile but can pick right back up with as if no time has passed. 4.) A friend they can say absolutely anything to without judgment. 5.) A friend who feels like a brother or sister. 6.) A friend they can't imagine not being in their lives.7.) A friend that listens to their relationship problems, even if they're sick of hearing about it.

These friends may come in the form of 7 different people, who some friends may fulfill multiple of the roles. We all fulfill these roles in our own friendships, and this fun viral theory is a great way to celebrate and acknowledge our friendships.

Photo of 7 friends standing around a kitchen counter and smiling at the camera while holding a Bundle board game.
Game Night with your Best Friends

We know that in order to maintain healthy relationships with our significant other and family, we need to nurture the relationships and put work into making them thrive. There is often a misconception that quality friendships will just happen, but we also have to put the time and effort into our friendships. If you want to celebrate your best friends with a personalized board game with your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos, click here. We would love to make a game for you and your besties. Do you believe in the 7 Friends Theory? We are interested to learn your thoughts and to hear which friend role you think you fulfill in your friend groups!


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