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Pennsylvania Press Day

Road Trip to Pennsylvania

We were born and raised in Pennsylvania and will always be coal region gals at heart. Our hometown has been endlessly supportive of all things Bundle. From the very beginning when we were cutting out cards and writing them by hand, we had people believing in us and in our dream. We not only had our family and friends showing us the Bundle love, but many local news outlets gave us our first press. Two weeks ago, we had two press events in Pennsylvania, so we rented a car and made our way out of the city bright and early on a Monday morning. Best way to start the week!

Jackie and Cassie on their NYC to Pennsylvania road trip wearing their WNEP gear
We love our WNEP Swag

Her Story with Kathy Romano

First up in our adventure was our interview for Her Story Radio Show with Kathy Romano. Her Story is a radio show about empowering influential women who shape the society we live in, and have interesting stories to tell. We were so honored to be asked to talk about our story on the show, and meeting Kathy was such a delight! She is every bit as wonderful in person as she is on the radio and immediately put us at ease - it really felt like we were chatting with a friend. If you want to check out our episode, it will air this Sunday, November 24th at 7:30am on 95.7 Ben FM. If you aren't planning on being up that early on a Sunday, we will have a podcast link we can share with you later next week.

Cassie at the Her Story radio recording ready to talk about Bundle
Cassie rocking the mic like a vandal

WNEP with Ally Gallo

We watched WNEP nightly while we were growing up, so it was really exciting to be invited in studio for an interview. We chatted with Ally Gallo, a wonderful reporter who is also a huge Hallmark Channel fan! We had so much fun talking to her about how we created Bundle, and since she is a fellow superfan, we were able to do a deep dive on all of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies coming up this season. She also gave us a studio tour and some WNEP swag. We have been rocking our WNEP hats!

Cassie, Ally Gallo, and Jackie at WNEP news station for Bundle interview
We loved meeting Ally Gallo in person! Superfans unite!

Day of Adventure

We left NYC during rush hour and even though both of our interviews were in Pennsylvania, they were still 2.5 hours from each other. (It's a big state, you guys!) We somehow managed to be on time for everything, even though any road trip with the Collier sisters will always result in multiple rest room stops. We even managed not to get lost and to return the rental car ON TIME. Another fun and successful day of Bundle in the books where we got to spend time in both of our favorite states.


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