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Pride Celebrations with Bundle!

Photo of a sidewalk with the words "It's just love" written on it and pair of shoes standing by.
Love is love

We love living in New York City because everywhere we go in June we see celebrations of Pride Month. This weekend we will be marching in the Pride Parade and we have so much gratitude to live in a place that makes everyone feel welcome;it is truly a melting pot. At Bundle, it is so important for us to celebrate love, and we had a blast making a game to honor one of our favorite couples for Pride Month.

Photo of a smiling woman in a glittery blazer holding a Bundle game card with a photo of Jonathan, Jaymes, and their dog, Brad.
Jonathan, Jaymes, and their dog Brad!

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan are such a fun couple! Mean Girls was one of our favorite movies growing up, so the fact that we have gotten to hang out with Aaron Samuels in real life is mind boggling. We are also avid Amazing Race fans (this should come as a surprise to no one) and Jaymes Vaughan was one of our favorite contestants. To make Jonathan and Jaymes' ultra personalized game, we did a deep dive of the social media accounts to pull iconic photos, compile their favorite memories, and get insight into their inside jokes. Jonathan and Jaymes have a romantic love story and live filled with exciting work opportunities, travel, and fun antics at home. They also have a deep love for their adorable dog, Brad, who celebrated his first Pride in style!

Photo of a Name 4 Bundle card against a rainbow background. The woman holding the card has a rainbow manicure.
Name 4 things you love about Pride!

Even if you don't have as prolific of a social media presence as Jonathan and Jaymes, we can make you or your loved ones a custom board game. If you want a personalized game celebrating your favorite couple this pride month, you can gift them a Bundle gift certificate and they can create their own game! They can fill out our Bundle Blueprint and share their favorite traditions, memories, inside jokes, and photos. We will create a game that is living keepsake, a perfect anniversary activity, and an ideal gift.

We want to hear how you are celebrating Pride 2023! Send us your favorite activities, photos, and memories of this special time.

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