Quarantine Christmas - Let's Get Virtual!

We have probably watched this video of the Lavelle Family playing their personalized Virtual Bundle at least 35 times. Look, we know people have zoom fatigue. We miss hugs, we want in person contact, and sometimes connecting virtually can feel awkward. When you have a personalized game filled with your family's traditions, inside jokes, and memories it's a lot easier to find a way to start conversations, to reminisce about the past, and to have a memorable night filled with storytelling.

We know this year has been difficult and we are holding you in our hearts. If nothing else in 2020, we have learned that our commitment to bringing people together is more important than ever. While you may be physically separate from those you love, we hope that you find comfort and connection wherever you can. And may we all have moments of the unbridled joy that Betsy Lavelle has when she is acting out her dog burying a treat.

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