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September Birthdays with Bundle!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

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Hooray for Birthdays and Bundle!

We recently learned that September is the most popular month for birthdays. Makes sense given the fact that during the winter months people love to cuddle (among other things). When we were little, Cassie had a small birthday party where she had two friends from school attend, and they both brought her the same gift - a Little Mermaid Board Game. (Even then she was a board game gal!) If you want to make sure that you don't give a duplicate gift to your friends with September birthdays, gift them a Bundle. For each of our games, we have our Bundlers fill out a Bundle Blueprint so that we can make each game ultra specific with your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos of the birthday baby! You know we love a sister-run company, so make sure you check out the Hooray for Birthdays t-shirt by Anna and Amanda Kloots.

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To all of our Virgo and Libra friends out there - we want to hear about your best birthday gifts that you have given and received. What made those gifts so special? Are you more of a sentimental gift giver or do you like practicality? We have loved making games for birthdays over the last few years and it's so exciting to get to celebrate people on their special days - even when we just know them from their Bundle Blueprint we feel like we get to be a small part of the lives of our Bundlers and it makes us feel so lucky.

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Gotcha Day Bowtie!

Artie, one of our loyal Bundle mascots, is celebrating his Gotcha Day on September 7th. We will be celebrating by re-watching his championship performance in Hallmark Channels' Kitten Bowl, letting him eat as many treats as he wants (ok we will make sure it is within reason) and doing a little bit of Bundling. (Yes, you can definitely make games honoring your pets if you're as extra as we are!)

It is also our grandma's birthday that day so we will be honoring her by eating some of her delicious homemade pierogies. We would love to be able to include her photo here but have been given strict instructions not to "post her photo on the internet" again. Oops.

Happy Birthday to all of our September Bundlers! Let us know how you're celebrating this year and we are sending you all the Bundle love and eating copious amounts of cake in your honor.


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