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The Truth About Cats and Dogs Bundle Style

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

New Puppy Bundle board game mascot best board game
Welcome Frisbee - we love you!

We have always loved having Jackie's loving, playful, and mischievous cat Artie as our resident Bundle mascot. While he will still be continuing on with his Bundle duties (he has to earn his keep somehow), we also are welcoming a new mascot to the Bundle family. Please give a big, warm welcome to Cassie's new puppy - Frisbee. He is loving his new home and is curious, intelligent, fun, and loves to be active! (But he also enjoys a good nap, which I think most of us can relate to.)

We love making our personalized board games when people fill out their Bundle Blueprint so we can customize their game, we have loved learning a lot about their pets - it's almost like we have an adorable menagerie of Bundle buddies all around the country!

Bundle games custom board games new puppy
And they call it puppy love...

Some people are animal lovers and could never pick between Team Cat and Team Dog. But others do sit firmly in one camp or another and we really don't want anyone to feel left out of the fun. Even though Frisbee is only a few weeks old, he's quickly learning that you have to cuddle up to our Bundle game, look adorable, and work that cuteness to give the people what they want. Having spent the first few weeks of his life on a sprawling farm, he's adjusting quite nicely to city life and being a model for a family run business. He doesn't always make eye contact with the camera, but Artie loves to stare directly into the lens as if he is trying to see your soul, so it's nice that we can implement two different styles for our pet product placement. (We won't even pretend that the alliteration there was an accident.) Frisbee has not had a Bundle game personalized entirely for him yet, but it's in the works.

custom board games Bundle the truth about cats and dogs
We couldn't leave Artie out

Artie has not yet met his cousin, Frisbee, but we are hoping that they love each other a lot and don't feel jealousy over the fact that they are both working to achieve their Bundle best. If things really go well, we may even have them do a photo shoot together. If you're thinking that you want to do a personalized game all about your pet for their birthday or Gotcha Day click here to order a game all about your pet. (We promise you it's not weird at all. And if it is a little bit...let's just welcome the weird.) We look forward to hearing all of the stories about your furry family members. And when the cousins have their meet-cute, we will definitely let you know if it turns into a dog and cat fight.


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