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St. Patrick's Day with Bundle

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Photo of two women smiling a the camera and wearing bright green Fightin' Irish t-shirts.
Representing the Fightin' Irish!

We are 75% Irish (25% Polish and we eat enough pierogies to prove it) and have always loved celebrating our Irish heritage. Each year for St. Patrick's Day on March 17th we love observing the holiday. There are many ways to have fun on St. Patrick's Day (some of them involve copious amounts of alcohol which we cannot handle despite being Irish) and this year we will be making a Bundle to celebrate. When you order one of our personalized board games we can custom make a game with any theme for any group of people. Our Bundlers fill out a Bundle Blueprint telling us about their favorite traditions, memories, and inside jokes. We even use photos of our Bundlers to make each of the 83 cards unique and special.

Photo of  a woman in a bright green wig styled into a bob. She is wearing a green headpiece with shamrocks on it. She is seated next to an older man who has a beautiful Irish smile and is wearing a Notre Dame shirt with a leprechaun on it.
When Irish Eyes are Smiling...

St. Patrick's Day Bundle questions can include some of the following: Pick Your Destiny card: "You forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day and get pinched. Move back one space." (That happened to us one year on elementary school and we will never forget it - will not be making that mistake again!) A Name 4 card: "Name 4 things that make you feel lucky." A tricky Act It Out card that ended up being fun was when we tried to act out "Pot of Gold." A favorite Challenge card reads: "Sing your best rendition of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."

Photo of two women wearing bright green wigs that are styled into a bob. The women are wearing shamrock headbands. They are holding a Bundle board game and a Bundle bag.
We love a wig moment!

This summer we are going to be delving deeper into our Irish heritage by visiting Ireland as a family! We will be attending a Notre Dame game (we already have matching t-shirts for the occasion) and exploring our homeland. Our family group text is currently filled with Notre Dame facts and trivia questions. Since our Bundle comes in a soft bag that is convenient to travel with, we will be able to make a personalized Bundle for our Ireland trip.

We would love to know about your upcoming St. Patrick's Day plans! Will you be drinking Guinness, eating soda bread, or playing the flute and whistle? We hope that Bundle will be part of your St. Patrick's Day activities this year!


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