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Take a Leap with Bundle

The Bundle Gals Love an Event

You know that the Bundle sisters are no stranger to loving an event. Last year we had a blast with Take Back Your VDay, an alternative Valentine’s event, and two years ago we celebrated by Bundling at The Uncommons board game cafe. (Jackie also spilled a half bottle of wine on Cassie’s white scarf at that event but that’s a story for another time.) We get so much joy from learning people’s stories to make their Bundles, so having a bunch of Bundlers in one room getting to know each other and making memories and connecting - it is so much fun for us. This year will be a quieter Valentine’s Day for us (we loved working on your Couple Bundles!) but we couldn’t let February pass us by without having a party.

Board game laid out with a sign in the back that reads Take Back Your VDay
This makes you wanna party, doesn't it?

Spend Your Bonus Day with Us

2020 is here and we get an extra day this year! Why not spend your Bonus Day with Bundle? At least part of your Bonus Day. You get 24 extra hours this year and we are only asking for 2 and a half of them.

Here are the details:

What: Take a Leap with Bundle

When: Saturday, February 29th from 2:00 pm-4:30 pm

Where: Q.E.D.

27-16 23rd Avenue

Queens, NY 11105

How do you get tickets? Just click here.

Bundling and Brownies and Vision Boards - Oh My!

A group of people playing board games and others are chatting. Full room, lots of good energy.
Oh yes, there is fun to be had. And pizza to be eaten.

What exactly does someone do at a leap day party? (Cause those are a thing now, right?) We will be playing a personalized Bundle that celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly of your last 4 years. There will be vision board making. Okay, real talk, we know this can be polarizing. People who are into vision boarding are very into vision boarding (we fall into this camp but it is a fairly recent development for us.) If you haven’t done it before - just roll with it. We’ll give you scissors, glue, magazines, and construction paper - at the least you’ll feel like you’re in kindergarten again and at best you might feel the focus and clarity you need to make all your dreams come true in 2020. (We know, sounds like a tall order, but weirder things have happened.) Back by popular demand there will be dream card readings by Double Dragon Coaching, and yes, there will be delicious brownies. Get ready.

We hope that you will come share part of your Bonus Day with us and Take a Leap into the New Year with optimism, a sense of purpose, and pizza.


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