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How Do We Pack For Vacation?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

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Can I Come On Vacation, Too?

It's been so long since we have traveled, we have almost forgotten how to pack. Last year all we needed to do was carry our Bundle from one room to another or hop on Zoom to play with friends, but during shot girl summer we are ready to get back out there in the world again. In case you need a little bit of a reminder, we have compiled a list of things you should make sure you have to be vacation ready this summer.

Sun Protection

Custom games, best board games, packing for vacation

We have extremely pale Irish skin so we always need to make sure we are rocking the SPF 100, but even if that's not a necessity for you, make sure that you are packing some level of sun protection for your trip. Whether it's a wide brimmed hat, fun visor, cool sunglasses, or all of the above, make sure you throw something in your bag that protects you from the sun's rays. And if you just happen to look really cool in the process, that only adds to your vacation appeal.

If you're looking for some awesome shades, check out Elisa Johnson's unique and fun line here.

Comfy clothes

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Color Me Courtney's Watermelon Dress!

Yes, you want to look good on vacation, but you also want to make sure that you're feeling comfy and cozy so you can achieve the level of ultimate relaxation. For us that means maxi dresses, loose flowy pants, and pajamas all day long if we feel like it. (Which, to be honest, isn't that different than quarantine.) We love all of the fun, bright looks from Color Me Courtney. Courtney's clothes are comfortable but cute - the prints are so summery and playful. I mean, who doesn't want to wear their watermelons and eat them too? Plus, she is such a kind hearted human who has a loyal and wonderful fan base who she calls her "cuties." We are proud to be a part of Courtney's Comfy Cuties. (Yes, you know we love alliteration.)

I'll Bundle For Ya

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Most board games do not fit easily into an overnight bag. Believe me, we have tried. In fact, when we first started Bundle, our game was a conventional box and board. As we prepared to go on vacation we wanted to take our game and we realized it was taking up a lot of space in our luggage. So we decided to solve that problem by making a soft, foldable cloth board to put in a cloth bag - that way, we can take our custom board game anywhere and play anytime. If you want to order a custom game for your vacation this summer. For 10% off of your order, enter the code VACATION at checkout. And if you want to sing and dance to Will Smith's Summertime while you do it, that is highly recommended.


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