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Three things your guests will appreciate at your wedding reception

Your wedding reception revolves around you and your partner, but you want your guests to have a great time too. There are a couple key elements of your reception, above all others, that will ensure the people closest to you have a wonderful time celebrating your marriage on your special day. Coming up, we take a look at the three things your guests are most likely to appreciate.

Exciting entertainment

Usually, your guests will be happy enough just to be present on your big day, celebrating alongside you. However, you may want to treat the people that you care about the most to a little added entertainment – this is a wonderful way to both keep them occupied and engaged, and to say thanks for being such wonderful guests.

Most people turn up to a wedding hoping for a chance to let loose on the dance floor. So, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of musical entertainment in the form of a lively jazz band. For a top tip, you may want to consider supplementing your band with another form of entertainment – a personalized Bundle game for each table!

Fancy food

Most couples want to go all-out when it comes to their wedding breakfast. After all, an extravagant meal is fitting for such a special occasion. Luckily, your guests will also appreciate the effort that you put into this special feast, and will be looking forward to sampling each of your uniquely chosen flavours and tastes.

Of course, it can be costly to offer each of your guests a substantial dinner, and food doesn’t have to be fancy to taste good. For this reason, many couples opt to order more reasonable alternatives rather than a four or five-course meal. As long as your food is beautifully presented, tastes good, and has some sort of engaging, unique element, your guests are bound to enjoy their culinary experience.

Stunning decor

When it comes to your wedding day, you have the power to transform your venue into anything that you want it to be. So, why not go big with your vision?

In winter, your guests will appreciate stepping out of the cold and into a cosy manor house,

complete with festive Christmas trees and adorned with enchanting fairy lights. In summer, your friends and family will be delighted to spend the afternoon in a rustic courtyard, furnished with flower garlands and fruit baskets, and a whole array of other summertime trinkets and treats.

Don’t forget, your wedding decor doesn’t have to be decadent to make a statement and wow your guests, as there are plenty of simple, stunning decorations that your guests are sure to appreciate. Why should you make sure your guests have a great time?

Your wedding reception only truly needs to be enjoyed by you and your partner – but, there are perks to ensuring that your guests have a fun evening too. Not only is providing great

entertainment, food and decor a wonderful way to show them that you appreciate their attendance, it also makes for an unforgettable evening for everybody involved in the celebrations.


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