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Vacations, Staycations, and Summer Nights with Bundle

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

New York City skyline with a pool and sunscreen and board game and mask
Poolside Summer Essentials

It's Almost August?

If we were to try and find a title to describe this summer it would be an interesting combination somewhere between the movie 500 Days of Summer and the science fiction short story All Summer in a Day. (We wouldn't recommend either of these at the moment unless you are prepared to feel all the feelings.) This summer has looked a little different than most but we hope that you are able to find some time for relaxation, fun, and connection. Whether that means a vacation now that some things are starting to open back up a bit or taking some time to unplug for a little staycation - Bundle has got your back.

A kitten laying on a bed almost sleeping
Take a little break with Bundle

Vacation Time

We aren't quite ready for air travel yet (although we have heard from friends that have had great experiences with Delta and Southwest- I mean, no one ever wanted to sit in that dreaded middle seat anyway) but we are hopeful there might be a road trip in our near future. If you're going on a vacation this summer - take a Bundle with you! We have always loved board games (no surprise there) but we could never bring them on vacations because they would take up so much room in our luggage. This was a huge impetus for us to design our board game so that it could be easily packed into luggage- or the tiniest of purses- or maybe even some large pants pockets. (We actually haven't tried that yet but if you have please let us know.)

Staycations for the Win

Finding fun activities in your hometown or even just unplugging and actively taking the time to relax and connect is so important. Sometimes it's difficult to do this because it's hard to break our everyday routines. Bundle is here to shake that up for you! We will make you a personalized game that you can take to your local park, to a friend's house for a barbecue, or just sit on your bed and play while you drink a bottle of wine and do a face mask. 

This might not be the summer any of us expected but we are so happy to be Bundling with you through the longest, shortest summer we can remember. And if you're looking for more ideas for more staycation adventures, make sure to check out this insight from our friends at Porch.

What has been your favorite way to relax this summer?


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