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Virtual Father's Day Gifts

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...oh...wait...

Growing up in a sports family, there were many times we went to games with our parents, so a fun Father's Day activity has been taking our dad to a baseball game. This year that just isn't gonna happen (although we did just gift our dad an Amazon Firestick because we want him to have ALL of the sports channels), so we have been brainstorming ways to make Father's Day special during quarantine life.

June 21st is coming faster than you think (I mean honestly what is time anyway right now?) so we have come up with a list of some of our favorites so you can celebrate your dad and the father figures in your life during this new normal.

A Personalized Board Game All About Your Dad

Did you google "Virtual Father's Day Ideas" or maybe "Quarantine Gift Ideas for Dad" or "Personalized Gifts for Dad" and you ended up here and you're not even sure where you are? Well, let us fill you in. We are Bundle, a personalized board game company created by two sisters, and we make custom games all about YOU (or in this case - your dad, husband, grandpa, father figure in your life, teacher who has been like a dad to get the idea).

How does it work? After you order your custom board game, we'll send you a short form called our Bundle Blueprint. In this form, you'll tell us all about your family - who you are, what hobbies you have, what memories you have together, and so on. Then we make you and your family a board game with 83 custom cards all about your memories, traditions, and inside jokes. (We can even include family photos on some of the cards!)

This year, we even have Virtual Games for Father's Day so that you can play even if you won't be in the same space. (Hello, Father's Day party on Zoom.) Order today, we have limited availability and look forward to hearing your stories all about your dads!

Personalized Sports Things

Personalized golf bal
What could be cuter than a baby's face on a golf ball?

We love personalized gifts (they make people feel special!) and we love sports, so Personalization Mall caught our eye. They make personalize golf balls (even if you're not a huge golf fan, it would be pretty cool to have a golf ball with your face on it) and personalized baseball bats. You can find out more about them here.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a great follow on Instagram (over 10 million followers strong!). Photographer Brandon Stanton is currently sharing stories of people in quarantine and every day we look forward to enjoying the heartfelt stories each day on Instagram. Instagram isn't our dad's social media platform of choice (took long enough to convince him to get Facebook) so we recently gifted him a hardcover copy of Brandon's book, Humans of New York. He read it in one day, which emotionally would have been exhausting for some people, but he loved it!


Yes, we LOVE StoryWorth, which should come as no surprise from two gals who love storytelling and personalization. (This isn't sponsored but it probably should be because we can't stop telling people how much we love them!) We gifted this to our dad a few years back and it was amazing. StoryWorth sends you a prompt each week, you submit your story, and then at the end of the year they turn it into a book for you. We learned so many new things about our dad and now we have 52 of his fantastic stories in a hardcover book that not only looks great, but basically has our dad's memoir inside.

Even though we won't be sitting in a stadium drinking beer and eating hot dogs this year (okay, we don't normally consume those things anyway but we do love soda and french fries) we will be celebrating this Father's Day creating new memories by laughing, Bundling, and, yes, zooming.


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