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Wedding Ready with Bundle!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Wedding season gifts custom board game Bundle Game

Wedding season is almost here and after not being able to celebrate in the ways we wanted to last year now is the perfect time to make this time extra special. It's always fun to go through a couple's registry and see what fun items they want as they embark on a new chapter of their lives together. Some items might be a little unexpected - like this couple who put movie theater candy on their registry. If you want something equally sweet (sorry we couldn't help ourselves there) gift your favorite couple a Bundle to celebrate their big day.

Best wedding gifts Bundle Game

When you order our Couple Bundle, you fill out our Bundle Blueprint with all of your favorite stories about the couple and we make them a custom board game that celebrates their memories, traditions, and inside jokes. You can even include pictures of them - ones where they look gorgeous and at their very best or weird ones that you know will embarrass them just a little bit. But, you know, in a fun way.

Best wedding gifts 2021 custom board game Bundle Game

We hope this wedding season will be filled with joy, memory making, and maybe even some electric sliding. (You know you miss it even if you won't admit it.) We want to know your favorite and least favorite wedding songs - leave them in the comments below!


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