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When Calls the Heart Season Finale

When Calls the Heart Finale The Bundle Game

If you're a fan of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel, we don't have to tell you that this Sunday is a big episode. It's the Season 8 finale, but that's not all - the love triangle will finally be resolved. Yes, that is what we have been promised and no this is not a drill - it's all going down this Sunday night. So whether you are a Team Lucas or Team Nathan fan, we have got your back with our When Calls the Heart board game.

When Calls the Heart games Bundle

Each game includes 83 cards all about Hope Valley and the adventures of all of our favorites. The soft cloth board and pink drawstring bag make it easy to take anywhere and we even have had Hearties play with each other in Zoom sessions. We even had Paul Greene, one of the series regulars, pop into a game night and say hi. Yes, there was swooning. As avid When Calls the Heart fans, we know that it's not just the show itself that makes us Hearties, it is the community that has been created.

When Calls the Heart TV Show Hallmark Channel games The Bundle game
Mary, a fellow Heartie, ready to play her game!

We love being a part of this incredible group where we can talk about our favorite parts of the show but also celebrate each other. This season has given us no shortage of things to chat about. Will Rosemary and Elizabeth go back to their once flourishing friendship? Will Carson leave Hope Valley to go to Johns Hopkins? Or will he stay in Hope Valley and propose? If he leaves will Faith go with him? We want to know more about the Canfields and their life before coming to Hope Valley. We also want to know if Molly and Bill are going to become a couple, what Fiona has planned for the barbershop, and so much more.

When Calls the Heart Erin Krakow games
Yes, cats love it too.

We are very hopeful that we will get a Season 9 of When Calls the Heart (season 9 would be divine!) but in the meantime, we can stay in touch with our friends in Hope Valley while binge-watching the show from Season 1 and playing our When Calls the Heart board game. And of course, writing fan fiction - because even though there are so many exciting stories happening in Hope Valley right now just 1 hour a week isn't enough - we need more. If you aren't a Heartie but know someone who is a fan of the show our When Calls the Heart board game is the perfect gift or just a great way to tell a friend, "I love you and know all about your TV obsessions."

We want to know - what TV show should we make a game for next? Comment below and let us know and hopefully, we can make some Bundle magic happen!

When Calls the Heart Hallmark Channel Hallmark Channel games Bundle
Add a little Hallmark Channel Wine for a Bundle of fun...


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