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Valentine's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Valentine's Day 2021 is going to look a little different than it did last year. (By this point, we are all used to modifying our celebrations a bit...) At Bundle, we have had the best time hosting Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day events - we love celebrating love of all kinds. While there won't be any dinners out this year, drinks with friends at a local bar, and less in person hugging - this day of love and friendship is not cancelled. So we have compiled a Gift Guide filled with sweets, treats, virtual experiences, and ways to connect so that you can have a wonderful Valentine's Day 2021 celebration.

Personalized Bundle Game

It wouldn't be a Bundle gift guide if our personalized board game didn't make the list, would it? ;) We love making games for couples, families and friends - being a small part of your story gives us so much joy. This year, lots of couples are missing their traditional date nights - let us make a game that reminds you of all of your favorite memories and offers new opportunities for connections and laughter. Fill out our Bundle Blueprint, tell us about the people you love, and you will get a personalized board game all about YOU. You can also order our Virtual Bundle if you are celebrating the day of love long distance style.

Bissinger's Chocolates - The Hallmark Channel Collection

Yes, chocolate and Valentine's Day go together like peanut butter and jelly (come to think of it that sounds pretty delicious right now, too) and you know your Bundle gals love their Hallmark movies. So what better combination than Hallmark Channel teaming up with Bissinger's for a Valentine's Day Chocolate box that is...beyond. Look, any chocolate is good chocolate in our book but this is just next-level good. Not only do they taste delicious, but each candy has cute names so you're not just eating a piece of chocolate, you're having an experience. The peanut butter heart? It's much more than that - it's the "Key to my Heart." Want to relive your "First Kiss?" Get yourself a raspberry truffle. If you want to celebrate that everlasting love, sink your teeth into a sea salt caramel. Ok, we will stop there because we want to make sure we save at least one of our Endless Loves for Valentine's Day.

jD Bath Co. - The Bomb AF Bath Company

In stressful times we need to take every moment we can to relax and taking a nice, calming, soothing bubble bath tops the list. jD Bath Co. is a black woman owned business that has so many glorious products that are non-toxic and actually good for our bodies. They smell heavenly and it's like transporting yourself to a spa, even if you're just hanging out in your tiny bathroom. (Trust us, we know.) There are so many great products to choose from but if you're looking to treat your best friend, we recommend the BAE box- filled with goodies for your bestie.

The Magician Online - Dan White Magic

This was one of the most magical (yep, we went there- pun intended), fun filled, thrilling nights we have had in the last year. We can't give too much more away because that would spoil this epic night but let's just say - you will never forget it. You will be transported and completely forget the fact that you are watching on zoom. (It doesn't even feel like zoom!) Tickets sell out quickly so be sure to book ASAP. (And message us after to let us know how much you loved it.)

Hooray For! February Collection

You know we loved our sister run companies and the Hooray For! t-shirts not only celebrate, but they give back. Created by Amanda Kloots and Anna Kloots, there are a variety of designs (they fit so well and are VERY comfortable) plus a portion of proceeds are donated to health care heroes. So cozy up and celebrate love and kisses with this collection that is a great gift to others or the perfect present for yourself.

Hallmark Channel Wines

You've got the chocolates, a Hallmark Channel movie on, and now you need a glass of wine to complete your night. Luckily, they have got you covered. ;) The Love is a red wine blend with notes of "blackberries, plum, fresh blueberries and a hint of spice," while Blush is a rose with notes of "bright, fresh and lively fruit flavors like wild strawberry, fresh white peaches and crisp watermelon." These descriptions sound great but to be honest they were written by wine people who really get it, and while our palates aren't as sophisticated to describe these wines in this way, we can say this with full confidence - they're good. Really, really good. Plus the bottles are super cute.

Yummy Brothers Cookies

All right, we know after looking at this darling photo you probably need no convincing to buy these delicious cookies. Yes, these brothers are adorable and yes we want to be best friends with them. Plus, their cookies are all natural, no preservatives, and delicious! They even have vegan options and dog treats so your pup can get in on the fun.

Haus Urban Skin Care

Love the skin you're in and take care of it the best you can with Haus Urban Skin Care. Created by Hassan Sayyed, these natural skin and body care products "look like art, and smell like love." Not only do they make your skin look and feel incredible, but with the big water bottle included in this gift set, it's easy to make sure we are taking care of the skin we are in from the inside out. We have been proud Haus Bunnies for years and can't get enough of these goodies.

That Sounds Fun: The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby

Annie F. Downs is an absolute ray of sunshine! Best selling author, successful podcaster, and a dear friend to many. Annie has created a beautiful community and brings together so many people who come together in the name of faith, friendship, comfort, inspiration, and yes, FUN! This book is a delightful read with surprising depth that will give you all the good feelings.

When Calls the Heart Board Game

When Calls the Heart is launching its 8th season on February 21st and we are so excited to partner with Edify Films to bring you the official When Calls the Heart Board Game. We know that lots of people have been faithful Hearties and watching it from the beginning on Hallmark Channel, but during quarantine several of our friends binge watched it on Netflix and are newly-minted Hearties. Either way, this game is the perfect gift for fans of the show and will help us celebrate the arrival of Season 8.

We won't be hitting the town this year, holding in person events, or going out for cocktails (ahhh, someday!!!) but we hope with our 2021 Valentine's Day gift guide you will have a delicious, game-filled, magical, fun day celebrating friendship and love.

Big virtual hugs!


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