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Yes, AND...Bundle: Improv Edition

photo of two people wearing purple sweatshirts smiling and holding a Bundle.
Bundle + Improvisers = A Good Time

At Bundle, we love making personalized board games for all of your special life moments. We also enjoy going to comedy shows as much as much as possible, there's nothing like a night of laughter to brighten up your entire week. We recently met James Tierney through our alma mater, Susquehanna University. James is an improvisor and business manage for Happy Valley Improv Theatre. After chatting about Bundle and Happy Valley Improv, we decided that it would be an ideal partnership.

Photo of two people smiling as they stand over a Bundle game. The woman is holding up a Pick Your Destiny card.
All smiles for Bundle!

We worked with James to create Bundle: Improv Edition. Using our four categories of Name 4, Pick Your Destiny, Challenge, and Act It Out, we made a game that celebrates the inside jokes and memories of being an improvisor. Even though we have seen our fair share of improv shows, we have never dabbled in improv ourselves, so we has James fill our our Bundle Blueprint so we could make a game that resonated with improvisers.

Photo of three people sitting on a comfortable sofa. They are drinking beverages and playing a game of Bundle.
There ain't no party like a Bundle party

Bundle: Improv Edition was finished just in time for the Happy Valley Improv Festival. The Happy Valley Improv Festival is a three day extravaganza held in State College, Pennsylvania. Over the course of the three days there are 12 shows and lots of fun activities for the improvisers. We had such a blast collaborating on this game and are so excited to attend the festival in person next year - we are already thinking of words and phrases to yell out when we are asked for suggestions.


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