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4th of July Vacations and Celebrations

best 4th of july vacations the bundle game

This summer we are ready for some activities with friends, outdoor celebrations, and fun in the sun. (Bring on that sunscreen!) But after a decent amount of time being spent living our lives on Zoom and having very little in-person contact with humans in real life, there is a certain amount of nervousness and social anxiety that comes with the thought of socialization in a post vaccination world. Not sure what you'll chat about? Need something to get the conversation flowing and kick things off? Don't worry - with our custom board game Bundle has got you covered.

4th of july activities famous chocolate fudge the bundle game

This summer show up at your 4th of July celebration with your famous chocolate fudge brownies (Cassie has an amazing recipe that gets some serious attention) and a custom board game all about your friends. The ultra personalized game all about your friend group will get people talking about your favorite memories, making everyone laugh, and is a great way to catch up that doesn't feel forced or awkward. (We can't make any promises that your friends won't do something a little bit weird but hey, that's what makes these events special, amirite?)

best 4th of july vacations and celebrations the bundle game

After a year of playing board games inside and doing a lot of virtual game nights, we are really looking forward to being able to safely celebrate with friends this year. We've got our favorite spot in Central Park all picked out, brownie ingredients ready to go, some matching fireworks t-shirts for the 4th of July (because why not?) and are ready to get our Bundle on.

We want to hear from you - what are you most looking forward to about this summer?

Comment below and get a free brownie. Okay, maybe you won't get a free brownie but if you enter the discount code FREE BROWNIE at checkout, you will get 10% off a personalized Bundle.


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