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And So, She Left Podcast

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Photo of two young women smiling and holding a Bundle board game. The text reads, "Cassie & Jackie Collier, co-founders"
We love podcasting!

We love making custom board games for our Bundlers and getting to share in their stories. It was so much fun doing the limited run of our podcast, Bundle Buzz, and playing a game of Bundle with our guests. In addition to being podcast hosts, we love guesting on other people's podcasts. We were delighted to guest on the podcast And So, She Left.

Photo of the And So She Left logo.
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And So, She Left shares entrepreneurial stories from extraordinary women who are changing the world. (This is their description, not ours, but we are flattered!) In these episodes, women share how they beat impossible odds, came to trust themselves, and ultimately found success doing what they love. The podcast is hosted by Katherin Vasilopoulos and she asked many thought provoking questions. The episode is only 41 minutes long, but we could have talked to her all day!

Photo of two women holding up a Bundle board game. The text reads "Bundle Buzz Podcast,"

During our episode, we chat about the value of having fun, the importance of sibling relationships, why working with family isn't always a bad idea, scrappy solutions for scaling and promo, and why board games are deeper than people think. You can listen to the episode here and we even have a special promo discount code for listeners: 20% off with the code Bundle20.

If you're still in the mood to listen to us talk, check out all of our Bundle Buzz podcasts (or re-listen if you really love us!)


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