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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Rachel Boston

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The photograph is titled Bundle Buzz Podcast. There is a photo of a woman in a radiant smile wearing a flowy white top. There is a small circle next to her with a photo of two young women and a Bundle board game. Text says : Hosted by: Jackie & Cassie Collier
Rachel Boston is a delight!

We love having a podcast because it's the perfect excuse to get to talk to people that inspire us! In our Bundle Buzz Podcast, we have our guests fill out a Bundle Blueprint with stories about themselves, and then we take that information to create our episodes. This is also how we make our custom board games, so if you want more information about that click here! Rachel Boston has been one of our favorite actresses for quite some time. We loved watching her on American Dreams when we were younger, and her Hallmark Channel movies are always a delight. Jackie even got to play her best friend in the UPTv movie, The Engagement Plot. Rachel was the perfect guest for our 10th episode of Bundle Buzz.

A picture of a smiling woman wearing a yellow care bear costume and holding a beautiful smiling baby who is also wearing a care bear costume
The cutest carebears

We had an unexpected and most welcome guest for the podcast when Rachel's baby girl, Grace, joined us for part of the chat. While filming The Engagement Plot, Rachel was pregnant, so everyone on set would help Rachel find skillful and fun ways to hide her baby bump. We definitely got creative, which Rachel details in her episode of Bundle Buzz. Since Grace was such an important part of the production, she was given her first movie credit even before she was born. We were so grateful to talk to Rachel about how she is navigating this chapter of her life with joy and love.

Photo of two women in matching brown hats smiling at the camera.
Never underestimate the power of a good hat

In our episode of Bundle Buzz Podcast, Rachel takes us behind the scenes of her life as an actress, tells us about her childhood, and shares her experience of being a new mom. Rachel has such a pure heart and is an incredibly kind person and we are so glad that she made time in her busy schedule to talk us. We are extra excited because Rachel will be participating in a live version of Bundle game on stage at Christmas Con on Friday, December 4th at 3:00pm EST. You can get your tickets here - we would love to see you in person! And even though it might seem like it's still a little early to say it, Merry Christmas!


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